Support Local Foods ~ Learn How to Garden

No Place is More Local Than Your Own Back Yard!

          Volunteers at the Garden Institute offer classes and consultation on a group or individual basis free of charge with a focus on local growing conditions and sustainable gardening methods.  Tours of demonstration garden plots illustrating various examples of sustainable gardening practices are available upon request.  There are also:  examples of various forms of container gardens, different raised bed designs, examples of vertical gardening options, and easy-to-make trellises and plant support options being used or planned for use on site.

      Our Mission is to teach people how to grow their own food.  We believe that an important part of the Local Foods Movement and a Sustainable Foods policy is the most local of food supplies - the Home Garden.  The links below show examples of the kinds of classes we teach, as well as demonstrations of the various gardening techniques we feature in our Gardens here.

  Let Us Help You Find Your Way To Food Self-Sufficiency!

 Jennifer's Lasagna Garden:  Raised beds from start to finish

A fun and informative garden planner!

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